At Dentistry for Children and Adolescents, our goal is to make dentist visits pleasant and educational. Our practice is based on preventative care. We strive to teach good oral hygiene from a young age, enabling your child to have a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.


Dentistry for Children & Adolescents is one of the only certified pediatric dentist offices in the St. Louis area. Our state of the art facilities and family-friendly environment will make your child's first dentist visit a positive experience and prepare them for a lifetime of good oral hygiene. We also specialize in dental care for special needs children, and we are on-call 24/7, just in case of a dental emergency.

The greatest stage of oral development occurs from infancy through adolescence; therefore it is critical that good oral health practices be instilled early in life. Our pediatric dentists and caring staff are committed to your child's individual needs and comfort. At Dentistry for Children & Adolescents, we guide our patient’s dental growth and development to help them avoid dental problems in the future.


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