“AMAZING, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC! I have three children and we started going to SmileKidz in St Charles about 5 years ago. We left for a very brief moment only to find a closer dentist as we live in Wentzville. I thought that would make life a little easier not having to drive as far. Let’s just say that was a HUGE mistake. We were told by another pediatric dentist that one of my children needed extensive work done and would have to be put to sleep using general anesthesia for the work to be performed. That did not settle right with me so I went back to the BEST for a second opinion. Dr. Dill welcomed us with open arms and informed me we did not need the extensive work done. The work that we did need done could be performed in the office using Nitrous Oxide. Very Very pleasant experience and the greatest compliment I can give is they have my trust! When it comes to my children that is EVERYTHING! I would drive an hour or farther if I had to for their diagnostic skills, treatment, caring, friendly, trustworthy staff that Smilekidz provides:) They have an after hours number as well that some dentist do not have. We unfortunately had to use the after hours number one time and Dr. Varble called back immediately. She was able to give me instructions over the phone to get my child out of pain, AMAZING!!!!!!! We have seen all three doctors and love them all! My kids enjoy going to the dentist and that says everything!! Thank you for all you do for our dental health!”

– Jamie T.


“Highly satisfied with the whole office staff. We saw Dr. Wong and he was amazing with all the kids. Even the reluctant ones were at peace and wanted to go back! My 6-year-old had lots of dental work done, including root canals and fillings. Dr. Wong went out of his way to make him feel peaceful and even had him laughing. He was awesome at connecting with him and did an exceptional job with all the dental work. Will definitely be coming back in the future and would very much recommend this group to anyone with young kids!”

– Tarina T.


“Dr. Appelbaum just knows how to be a great dentist, a child advocate and a wonderful support for the children. I cannot imagine a better dentist for any child. His philosophy flows to his staff who know how to be strong and yet supportive about their roles. And they have really helped my daughter get over most if not all her fears. Thank you guys.”

– Steven S.


“My daughter does not like dental appointments, but she really likes her dentist (Dr. Dill). She’s seen him for cavities and routine checkups and won’t see anyone else. He’s also great at taking time to talk with parents about current and upcoming issues. Mother and child would both recommend him!”

– Sheryl S.


 “I really cannot say enough good things about all of the staff members in this practice. Everyone was patient, understanding and great with the youngest member of our family on her first time visit. In addition, both the hygienists and the dentist (we see Dr. Varble) were very knowledgeable and gave us helpful, yet practical tips to keep our kids teeth healthy. I’m so glad we found them!”

– Jackie M.


“I am thankful today that Dr. Dill has set in place a plan for dental repairs/ resolution for each of our children, and seasoned their experiences with lighthearted comments and humor. I sincerely appreciate the professionalism and kindness during our experience, and look forward to continued efforts for dental solutions. We had utilized Dr. Leavitt in past years for our oldest three children, and when our eldest was home from college for Christmas, she implored that I take the younger siblings to your office because of her memory of such positive experiences there!”

– Mary B.


“Our kids always look forward to going to the dentist! This was a regular 6-month checkup for an 8-year-old and a 4-year-old. It was easy to get through to schedule the appointments. The reminders are great – email, text, phone call, whatever you prefer. Our appointments were on-time, staff was very friendly and they put our kids’ concerns at ease. You can tell the staff truly loves to work with children and a lot of thought has been put into making the trip to the dentist one they look forward to. Our kids know they get to pick something out of the “treasure box” and take home some coloring pages when they’re good listeners for the staff. Our kids really like going to the dentist!”

– Kelly O.


“Everyone in the office was kind, welcoming and knowledgeable. The hygienists were patient and gentle with my kids. Dr. Varble was also kind and encouraging to the kids and laid out a plan of action for future treatments well. I am so, so thankful we found this practice. It is amazing. I have a child who had a lot of anxiety in the past with dental visits, but he did not hesitate or cry or hardly even flinch the whole visit. Amazing. We look forward to working with this practice for years to come!”

– Casey N.


“Our appointment went very well. My two-year-old was very comfortable and has been talking about her positive experience since we had our appointment. There was plenty to do and see to keep her busy while we waited and everyone was very friendly and helpful.”

– Jami W.


“Today was my 5-year-old’s first appointment and he was very scared. Dr. Appelbaum and his staff were so sweet, kind, and patient with him. They explained step by step what they would be doing and showed him the instruments one by one. By the time his appointment was over he didn’t want to leave. He said he ‘loves the dentist and can’t wait to come back’.”

– Jacqueline S.


“Our four daughters have been visiting Smilekidz since my oldest was 4, she is 20 now. The younger 3 started visiting when they were 3. We have never waited more than a few minutes to be taken to the back and our visit started. The staff has always been courteous, patient, helpful, funny and kind to me and my daughters. We have visited for routine checkups and cleanings as well as cavities being filled and a dental emergency. My girls are always eager to see their dentist and the staff remembers them from visit to visit. We live a solid hour away from either location and have bounced back and forth between the two out of convince for our schedule. This has never been an issue for the offices, or at least they have not hinted that it is and we have highly recommend Smilekidz to friends and family! Thank you for such great care for our girls’ teeth!!!!”

– Amy R.


“I have major dental anxiety that I have unfortunately passed on to my daughter, and I wish I could come here for my checkups! Dr. Appelbaum is like Superman to me, he makes my daughter actually smile during visits, and you can tell he truly cares about and loves kids. She of course has had two cavities (my easy-going child has had none), and I trust them 100% to take care of them in the least traumatic way possible. We typically see Dr. Appelbaum, but we did see Dr. Varble after my son lost his tooth unexpectedly. I called the office right at closing and they had us come in firs thing in the morning, they called us right back and Dr. Varble checked him out. It took just a few minutes and I was expecting to pay a copay, so was pleasantly surprised when they told us we could just go! I thought that was so nice. And they even let both kids pick a prize. I can’t recommend them enough!”

– Rachel D.


“I want to send a huge thank you to Dr Appelbaum and his staff for everything they’ve done for my boys! From our emergency appointments to check them from injuries to fillings on my little guy with and without laughing gas, I continue to leave in shock from how well Dr. Appelbaum does with them. He’s more like a friend than a dentist and my boys love going to “get their teeth counted.” I would recommend him to anyone and do often. We are lucky to have such an amazing office to help with anything we need! Thank you again for everything!”

– Monica S.


“I am so grateful for this practice! We see Dr. Varble and she is wonderful with my children. They actually are excited about going to the dentist. I really like that I have the option to be in the same room with the children while they are getting their teeth cleaned or getting fillings. I think it’s comforting for my children as well. We have also seen the other dentists during times when we need to come in asap and have been very happy with them as well. The staff is all very welcoming and they seem to really enjoy what they do.”

– Julie G.


“We started going from a referral from our family dentist because our youngest has a hard time sitting still. Smilekidz has a way to help calm him and he has liked coming ever since. He teases the dental hygienist by sitting in her chair, but is always respectful when it is time to get down to business. I love that they know that and let him. They have enough authority to tell him. When we pull in he is always happy that it is not the family dentist.”

– Charla B.


“I love this place! With 2 kids, one being a toddler, waiting can be so boring for them in an office setting. They are ready for you with in minutes and you are out in no time. I also love the open atmosphere. My first reaction was, isn’t this scary for other kids, but it actually seems to calm everyone’s nerves. Love Dr Varble. She is so nice and you can tell she really likes the kids she interacts with. So glad I was referred here. Wish they would take adults!”

– Liz S.


“We love this office!! Not only are all of the hygienists absolutely wonderful and put the kids at ease, but they are sooo fast! We are in and out for a cleaning within 15 minutes every time. We recently needed to come in for an issue in my sons mouth and it they got us right in. I personally have dental anxiety and was nervous about it rubbing off, but it’s just not possible with this office!!”

– Emily G.


“My younger son would not let a previous dentist fix a cavity in his teeth. We went to see Dr. Varble and she has such a great way with kids that she was able to get his filling done with no problem. That was several years ago and we have been going to their office ever since. I highly recommend them. Both Dr. Varble and all the staff are great to work with!”

– Amy K.


“Dr. Appelbaum was truly amazing with our 18 month old boy. He has a great and entertaining waiting room. When we went for our first consult, we were in a private room. The Dr. and his assistant were extremely good at getting our son to enjoy the experience. He was very knowledgeable and provided great feedback on what we may expect in the upcoming years. We have found a dentist we will stay with!”

– John H.


“My kids love Dr. Dill! They always ask when they can go back to the dentist. He makes them laugh and quickly puts them at ease during their check-ups. His office staff is just as wonderful. They are quick, efficient, kind and encouraging to my children. All kids would love going to the dentist if Dr. Dill was their dentist!!”

– Megan L.


“My kids actually look forward to their dentist appointments every 6 months!! Everyone, from the second you enter the building, is so friendly and helpful! Dr. Dill really rounds out the entire experience, he is so silly and funny, it really puts the kids at ease. We will continue to do to his office until we are no longer considered “pediatric”!! Thank you!”

– Lindsay D.


“Dr. Wong and the entire staff are so amazing. My 3 and 4 year olds see them often, recently for some tough appointments. They are so reassuring and sweet with my kids. Dr. Wong is great at fielding my questions and taking time explaining what is going on and how/why he is treating the different issues. We’re so thankful we’ve found this practice!”

– Alexa T.


“Dr. Varble has been the answer to our prayers. She has taken care of my now 8yr old son on the autism spectrum who has needed a lot of dental help. She’s fun, friendly and most of all he trusts her which makes everyone comfortable and happy. The whole staff is warm and entertaining. I wouldn’t take my kids any where else!”

– Heather T.


“My five year old daughter had to have multiple crowns, pulpectomies and fillings last fall. Dr Varble and the wonderful nurses kept her calm and happy and she wasn’t scared, despite a previously traumatic visit to a regular dentist. They are very professional and are extremely good at getting the work done. This will be my kids’ dentist from now on!”

– Maggie K.


“Just took my son in for his first filling. Missy greeted us, very friendly and great with my son. She explained and showed him everything she was going to use. Dr. Varble is so sweet and was great with him as well! Thanks for making my son’s experience a good one!”

– Nicki R.


“We have been coming for services since she was 3 years old. She is now 11 and loves going to the dentist. She asks when she is going back . The staff is really nice, care about the families they serve and it’s a fun place to be.”

– Karlon B.


“The whole office is wonderful! My almost three year old daughter was so comfortable with the hygienists and Dr. Varble that she even went to the back and got her teeth cleaned without me! And this was her first real cleaning. I am so happy we chose them to be her dentists!”

– Katherine M.


“Both of my children have been going here since they were they were small. We have always been very happy with the level of care we have received and everyone in the office. I highly recommend them for your children too!”

– Angie W.


“I have been taking my children to Smilekidz for 10 years. We have always had a great experience. Whether a routine cleaning, crown or extraction, the experience is always positive. This practice is a game changer when it comes to dentistry! We love it. Thanks to all the dentists and amazing staff.”

– Kristin C.


“We’ve been coming to see Dr. Appelbaum and his crew since my son was 2. He is now 12 and we’ve always had very positive experiences. They are very kind and take the time to get to know the kids and provide the parents with detailed info about the kids’ teeth.”

– Dana C.


“This place is amazing. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. The staff is caring and efficient. The dentists are SO friendly and great.(We see Dr. Dill) Even after we moved away from the office we still make the hour drive to just go there. My children and I LOVE Dentistry for Children and Adolescents. I would HIGHLY recommend it!!!!!”

– Susan B.


“Our boys (age 7 & 5) love going to see Dr. Dill! He always has them laughing and giggling even before they are seated in the dentist chair! They have so much fun that they forget they are having their teeth worked on! Thanks Dr. Dill!”

– Dave & Kelly H.


“My kids absolutely love going to see Dr. Dill!! He and the staff have such a friendly & fun atmosphere that will put any child at ease. I recommend this office to all my friends with children. So happy we found them!!!”

– Kelly R.


“My son has been going here since he was two. He’s four now and gave his last visit a thumbs up. Everyone is so friendly and patient. Routine visits are fast and painless. Highly recommend Dr. Varble and her staff.”

– Grace E.


“We had gone through 3 dentists with terrible experiences before we found Dr. Appelbaum and now we won’t go anywhere else. My kids love the staff and the dentists. They make the experience enjoyable and not stressful at all. Thank you!!”

– Dawn H.


“My son has been going to Dr. Appelbaum for several years. He was the first dentist we took him to. Our son is on the Autism spectrum and has a lot of anxiety. Dr. Appelbaum and his staff have always been so patient and kind with him. The birds in the waiting room entertain him until it’s time for his appointment. We have to get there a little early so he can see them, because the staff are so prompt with getting us in. Most of all we are confident that our son is getting the best dental care available. I highly recommend Dentistry for Children and Adolescents. You’ll be so happy you chose them, too.”

– Susan R.


“We love pediatric dentistry from the staff to the atmosphere we have never been so pleased. My son has a difficult time with the dentist and everyone goes above and beyond to make him feel at ease. Love it here!!”

– Kate G.


“I take both of my daughters to Dr. Dill and he’s always been fabulous both with the kids and the adults! He takes time to explain things and the hygienists are always professional and do a great job. Thanks for everything!”

– Tricia P.


“Wish Dr. Dill was my dentist and SmileKidz was open for adults. It’s always a pleasant experience, and my kids have not feared going to the dentist. Staff is warm and welcoming, and I would highly recommend the practice to any parent.”

– Mica V.


“We are very happy with the Creve Coeur office. Dr Varble is incredibly sweet with my 4 year old girls and they are not scared of their appointments. Every staff member has been kind and efficient every time. Couldn’t ask for more!”

– Dana C.


“I could not be happier with this office. The staff is extremely friendly. The fact that the doctors answer after hours calls is such a plus. My children LOVE going to the dentist. Even when having “larger scale” work done, my kids smiles through the whole visit!”

– Cortney C.


“The dentists and staff are always friendly. I get anxious seeing dentists but they put my mind at ease with my children. They are very caring and always make sure I understand what is going on. My 2 year actually sits still for them.”

– Leyla A.


“A great dentist. They were able to get my 5 year old in quick and were really good with her. They also have great gifts for the kidz at the end of their appts.”

– Cory B.


“Dr. Dill is beyond great with both of my kids. My son is very scared to go to the dentist but Dr. Dill makes him at ease and knows just how to make him more comfortable! Love Dr. Dill!”

– Maria B.


“Dr. Dill is fantastic! The front desk ladies, the dental hygienists and the dentists are all so wonderful! My kids are put at ease and they aren’t apprehensive to visit the dentist. Dr. Dill makes them smile and gives them great advice on how to keep their teeth healthy. He spends time answering questions and addressing any concerns. We love this practice and would recommend to anyone!”

– Mandy S.


“So thankful we were recommended this practice. Great group of people that always make my kids feel comfortable. Bonus that both kids get their cleanings at the same time so we are in and out fairly quickly.”

– Jamie H.


“What a great environment for a kid’s dentist office! The staff was so nice and my kids actually enjoyed their appointment. I would recommend this place to anyone!”

– Lee Anne F.


“My son had an abscessed tooth that popped up (of course) on a Friday afternoon. Dr. Dill was WONDERFUL with my scared little boy. He now isn’t afraid of the dentist! We love love love this practice, and as a pediatric nurse at a local practice, I refer a ton of patients here. Awesome!”

– Jenny T.


“We love Dr. Appelbaum and all the staff at Dentistry for Children! The hygienists and front staff always put my kids at ease and Dr. Appelbaum always has them giggling. He is just a big goof! And my 5-year-old is motivated to brush and floss every night because she wants Dr. Appelbaum to ‘be proud of me for cleaning my teeth.’”

– Ilana R.


“I’ve been going to Dentistry for Children and Adolescents for a long time. Dr. Levitt was amazing and Dr. Dill and Dr. Varble are as well. The staff is very professional and the hygienists really do a good job. I’ve always been afraid to have dental work done but everyone in the office does a great job. I have one more year of high school then I leave for college. I’m going to be really sad when I have to change to an “adult” dentist. Also, I’ve never had to wait for an appointment. The whole office is extremely well run and friendly.”

– Briana B.


“Three years ago my 7 year old had a significant toothache and we went to our family dentist. The dentist said he needed a root canal but unfortunately he did not do root canals on a baby tooth. He referred me to a pediatric dentist. I called the pediatric dentist and they gave me an appointment time of 6 weeks! My child hurt and I started googling pediatric dentists. I called Smilekidz and Dr. Dill got us in that day! He gave my kid a script to help us get through the weekend and did the root canal the next week. I was so impressed with his care and compassion, I started taking both my children there. I recommend Dr. Dill to everyone!”

– Christy H.


“They were amazing! Doctors take emergency calls personally! Called at 9pm and seen 9am next day- we weren’t even patients but are now. Needed emergency tooth extraction for 5yr old. ‘Mom, they took out my tooth and it didn’t even hurt!’”

– Diana M.


“My two sons have gone to the Creve Coeur office for their entire lives. The employees there are great. They have always made my sons feel comfortable. We have gotten wonderful care.”

– Nancy W.


“My child has sensory issues and it has always been a difficult experience at the dentist–until we came to see Dr. Appelbaum! He was great! He was playful, creative, told her what was happening and took time to talk shop with me as well. SO glad we found Dentistry for Children & Adolescents!”

– Erica R.


“My oldest son (10) has severe anxiety so going to the dentist alone triggers an anxiety attack. After a horrible experience with a different pediatric dentist, every effort to get him to the dentist was full of tears and throwing up. After many attempts with my dentist we were told putting him under would be our only option. That was not something I wanted to do and did some research on other pediatric dentists in the area. I came across Smilekidz and they had great reviews. After talking with the receptionist and voicing my concerns with him and being put under, she assured me that they would make every effort possible to prevent that, so I made an appt during “quiet time” with Dr. Varble. The entire staff was AMAZING, they were so compassionate and patient with my son. Dr. Varble quickly gained his trust and is slowly helping him conquer his fear!!! She is an amazing dentist that truly cares for her patients!!”

– Kristie H.


“We are very happy with the Creve Coeur office. Dr Varble is incredibly sweet with my 4 year old girls and they are not scared of their appointments. Every staff member has been kind and efficient every time. Couldn’t ask for more!”

– Dana S.


“I have been looking for a great kids’ dentist. I finally found a dentist that is great with kids. Dr. Wong and his assistants are hands down the best that I have come across in the St. Charles area. If you are looking for an excellent dentist you need to come here. Thank you all you help.”

– Christine S.


“Every trip to the dentist is a great experience! I have 3 kids 14, 5 and 3. They have all been going to Dr. Appelbaum from the beginning. I am able to schedule appointments for all 3 kids to come in at the same time! The whole staff is wonderful! I highly recommend Dr. Appelbaum to everyone.”

– Jill G.


“Love everyone at the office. Saturday appointments are convenient. We are always brought back promptly. Staff is friendly. Dr. Amy Varble also takes time to explain everything. Great place!”

– Jing H.


“The staff is wonderful! They are so patient and caring with the children. Parents are allowed to accompany their children to the exam area and be seated not far away while the staff explains what they are doing the entire time. The area is clean and well lit. I feel very comfortable taking my children to Smilekidz and only wish I could be a patient too!”

– Shaunda


“My son has been going to the St. Charles office for many years now and the staff has always been amazing. I like that you can accompany your child back and everything is explained. Always a positive experience!!”

– Nikki K.


“Dr. Wong makes our visits go as smooth as it possibly can with a screaming 2 year old:) His patient and calm demeanor are much appreciated!”

– Emily K.


“Amazing dentists and assistants for my autistic son! They are so skilled and compassionate. I am continually blown away by the calm atmosphere and how happy my kiddos are throughout their visits. I highly recommend to all parents I know of special needs or children with anxiety.”

– Alicia S.


“My 3 year old wasn’t an easy patient, but the hygienists were very supportive and friendly and pulled out all their tricks. Dr. Wong was able to get him to sit long enough for a short checkup, brush, floss, and even a little polish and sang ‘Let it go’ to calm him down. As great an experience as I could have asked for.”

– Kelly R.


“Best dentist for kids in the St. Louis area! Dr. Dill and his staff are amazing! My son needed extensive dental work done over several visits. He was EXCITED to go back, even after the work! They set kids up for a lifetime of comfort in going to the dentist. I now take both kids here. Highly recommend to parents with small children.”

– Lori S.


“My son has been going to Dentistry for Children & Adolescents – Creve Coeur for the past 2 years, and we have always had such a great experience. The staff is very friendly, and he loves looking at the birds while waiting and getting a prize when he is done. I recommend this practice to all of my friends with children!”

– Amber N.


“We started seeing Dr. Dill and staff in April this year after my daughter had a bad experience at another dentist. Before we made the kids’ appointments we were able to come in, tour the office and meet the staff and Dr. Dill, and they listened to all of my concerns and were so kind and reassuring. We left the office and I was completely bummed that they can’t be MY new dentist! We came back for cleanings for both kids and everyone was so great with both of them. They made going to the dentist fun and painless, which is exactly what we needed after our traumatizing experience elsewhere.”

– Tracy B.


“My daughter was nervous for her first cleaning and my son was downright terrified. Due to my sons developmental delays I knew this was going to be a challenge for him. He struggled his way through the first appt and the staff was nothing less than amazing with him. He’s now had more appts than I can count and LOVES going! My son and daughter both count down the months till they get to go see Dr Dill and have their teeth cleaned. I’d recommend them to anyone but especially to parents of children who might have some special needs. I’m simply amazed by how well they handled my son, even when he was at his worst during his first visit. We couldn’t ask for a more kind and caring staff or dentist!”

– Ali R.


“I absolutely love this office!! Even as a child, seeing Dr. Levitt, the experience was memorable so much so, I take my 3 children to this same practice today!! I couldn’t be more happy with Dr. Varble and her team who go out of their way to make my kiddos feel comfortable. My kids LOVE coming here and are always asking when they get to come back. Thanks for all you do!”

– Karin G.