Your child deserves the best. We work hard to ensure they receive the best care and have the best experience at our office. The SmileKidz team provides a full range of dental services to achieve that result.

  • Oral cancer screening.
  • Evaluation of growth and development.
  • Orthodontic needs assessment.
  • Gum disease evaluation.
  • Visual examination of tooth decay.
  • Examination of diagnostic x-rays to see cysts, tumors, decay and other problems that can’t be seen by the naked eye.
  • Evaluation of status of current restorations (fillings and others).

Additionally, our staff provides gentle, yet thorough cleanings, diagnostic x-rays, as well as the following pediatric treatments:

  • Protective sealants for molars
  • White and silver fillings
  • Stainless steel crowns (caps)
  • Space maintainers
  • Pulpotomies (baby root canal)
  • Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

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